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Shelby Ashton is Washington DC’s most powerful socialite. Rich and beautiful, her high-profile exposure comes with risks. When her father, the Secretary of State, received an anonymous death threat directed towards Shelby, he hired Jesse McAdams, a retired Navy Seal, as her bodyguard. After tragedy hits, Shelby searches for a new purpose while Jesse discovered the tragedy wasn’t an accident. The two are now in a race against time to uncover her enemies’ and their deadly agendas.

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Book 2

Shelby Returns!

Now engaged to one of DC’s most eligible bachelors, Shelby should be thrilled. Her future secure, her dreams fulfilled. But something just does not feel right anymore. Shelby has changed and despite her wanting things to be as they were, they just aren’t. Then, she receives a threat on her social media account. She hasn’t spoken to Jesse in months, but somehow she knows he will still be there for her.


Book 3


Shelby and Jesse are close to finding the truth behind one of the biggest corruption schemes in Washington, DC. With powerful enemies and deadly agendas, the two hope they can stop the schemes before time runs out.


Working Title

Where can I go?

My first attempt at a children’s story. Excited for where this adventure will take me on my journey as a novelist.